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You Don't Need Urgent Care Marketing

What a ridiculous statement to make, since searching for that is what got you here in the first place.

But I have an explanation!

Flashy marketing or marketing ideas won’t help you out. What you’re looking for are marketing leads. This is the actual goal of all marketing: is it going to bring in leads and sales?

Some marketing doesn’t bring in any leads. It is often referred to as “brand advertising”, and is the domain of businesses like Amazon, Levi, or Target—companies with deep pockets for advertising. Unless you’re a member of this group, brand advertising won’t do much for you and your business.

Not all marketing tactics are the same. Marketing can’t be approached in a general way; you need to be specific with your goals.

For example, radio and television advertising are frequently where big companies spend their marketing money. They’re expensive ads. Are they worth the cost? Do they bring in leads? A Bed and Breakfast owner I spoke to a few years ago had spent $18,000 on radio ads. How many customers did they bring in? 0.

I’m a much bigger supporter of digital marketing. Done well, you can get a significant positive return on investment. Digital marketing is very flexible and easily worked into any sized budget. Because of this, it can be used to generate what you’re really after with your marketing plan: leads, sales, and the achievement of your revenue goals.

Test Your Whole Marketing Plan

Every journey begins with a single step, and here’s somewhere to start.

Take this short quiz to understand how well your marketing bases are covered. It’s a short test, only 60 seconds, and will leave you with a good idea of what’s going well and you need to work on.

If you’re wondering what topics the quiz covers, we’ll talk about a few of them here.

Digital Marketing Acronym Salad: SEO, CRO, SEM, and Others


Search Engine Optimization. It’s likely that SEO has generated any customers or leads you're buying. I highly recommend that any business makes SEO their top priority. This can be a serious challenge, however.

Finding a company that can get SEO results can be very confusing. SEO is the popular, flashy term these days. It’s often used, but few can truly produce the results you’re after.

It’s possible to learn SEO yourself. A quick Google search of ‘DIY SEO for small business websites’ turns up over three million results. Remember, however, that the best SEOs stand out through years of tests, tracking, and work in other industries.

If you want to learn more about my experience with SEO and digital marketing, you can read more at my homepage: http://www.baldyne.com.


Search Engine Marketing. This is frequently used in reference to paid advertising.

Every search engine, like Bing, Google, or Yahoo, has their version. Google Adwords is the best known, but all of them can get you leads.

This costs money, which is how SEM differs from SEO. Want your page to show up at the very top of a search? You’ll need to pay the search engine. Google Adwords alone have increased clicks 20-25% for brand keywords in this past year, and Google knows that. They are pushing to charge more for these ads.

Once social media ads like those on Facebook start bringing advertisers over, the cost –per-click might start declining. At the end of the day, you have to decide what a lead is worth to you. How many clicks does it take to gain a customer? Are you willing to pay what a service like Adwords is asking? It all comes down to simple math, factoring all these possibilities into your budget.

Social Ads

Ads on Facebook are comparatively cheap compared to SEM services, but that is changing.

Targeting is a huge help. Facebook ads get you interest-based, accurate targeting, which can help you target big competitors. Adespresso is a useful tool for Facebook ad creation and split-testing. You can create multiple versions of your ad and throw them up on the site in a few minutes. After a day or two, you’ll have a good sense of which version works best.

If you’re looking at putting a lot of work into SEO, you should at least test out Facebook, too. Getting leads from diverse sources is a good idea because the platforms can change on you. The more places your leads come from, the better it will be for you over the long term.


Conversion Rate Optimization. This is how you get more leads and customers from the traffic already coming to your site.

How do you pull this off?

You make changes to your website, offer, and landing pages, and then see if this improves the conversion rate of traffic to lead/customer.

While there’s a little data science involved in CRO, it’s a fun process. Optimizely is one of many tools you can find that will make it easy. If you want to see long-term results, you need to make sure you keep up with your testing.

Some improvements that might help you out are very simple, like changing your headline or the location of your phone number/opt-in box is displayed. This is your chance to experiment and learn what will have the most effect on conversion.

Is it a Good Idea to Research Your Competitors’ Marketing Mix to Get Ideas?


Learn what and who they target, how they’re reaching their prospects, what they say to reach them, where they advertise…they’ve put a bunch of ideas out there for you to use and learn from.
With just one condition.

As Dan Kennedy, a well-known direct response marketer and copywriter said: "See what your competition is doing, and do the exact opposite."

I’ve followed this advice with my businesses. Sometimes, when marketing methods become saturated, ROI goes down. It’s like an overfished pond. Sometimes you need to find a new one, which may require a bit of creativity and hard work—but being the first one there can be worth a lot.

Avoiding Marketing Scammers

It’s an unfortunate truth that the marketing industry is full of snake-oil salespeople. There are many, many ways to spend your money with no result, ranging from professional sellers to amateurs.
Many of my clients have tales to tell of their encounters with these scammers. That’s one of the reasons I have never had a cancellation yet in my two years of business. Clients know how it feels to work with a bad agency and aren’t interested in letting a good one go.

Here are ‘3 R’s’ to help you find a good marketing agency:

  1. Referrals
  2. Reviews
  3. References

Referrals are a great way to find professional help. Asking around for a good repair shop, handyman or landscaper has always worked out well for me. Ask around your area, or check your local Chamber of Commerce. You can usually find someone to give you a starting boost, even if it’s not specific to your industry.

Reviews are a popular way of finding help with the advent of web-based services such as Yelp or Google. Almost every website offering a service offers reviews, and independent sites offer a place for customers to post their own reviews—as well as any responses from business owners. 5-star reviews are usually a good indication that these people can help you out. Remember, it might be hard to find reviews for small businesses with few transactions.

References need to be followed up on. Getting them isn’t enough. Call them and talk about their results. Hopefully, they’ll have some positive things to say.

Does Your Urgent Care Facility Need Digital Marketing Help?

If you’re looking to step up the digital marketing game for your Urgent Care facility, I might be able to help you out.

Let me be honest, however:

  • I have not won any special recognition or awards.
  • I don’t run a massive marketing or advertising agency.
  • I’m very careful with who I can take on as a client because of time-constraints (more on that here in a minute).

With all that said, I have:

  • Helped businesses grow their revenues by 20%+ year-over-year.
  • Doubled website traffic and leads over a six month period.
  • Taken a local business from a 0 leads a day to 10-15 per day in just under a year.

I’m not telling you this to brag. I say this to establish my credibility. I have delivered results for others in the past, and you can trust me to provide them to you in the future. If I don’t think I can help you, you can trust me to tell you that, too.

My current situation: I am currently assisting eight different businesses, mostly in California and a couple out of state.

I enjoy working with companies I can arrange a meet-up with every month. It makes collaboration easier, and I’ve found that face-to-face meetings help get us all on the same page. I guess I’m old-school like that. However, if you aren’t in Northern California, please feel free to contact me anyway. I’m always happy to answer a few questions.

Good News and Bad News

First, the bad news: since I’m a one-man operation, I don’t have a lot of time to take on new clients. I already have the eight that keep me very busy. I have set up a waitlist, which I’ll explain more about in a moment.

But wait! There is some good news!

And the Good News Is You May Not Even Need My Help

If you want to figure out if I can help your business, I’ve created a one-minute quiz with ten simple questions. At the end of the exam, depending on the results, you’ll be directed to a form where you can sign up for my waitlist.

Now, this waitlist isn’t to become one of my clients. It’s just to set up a discovery meeting. I’d like to meet you, talk about your business, your problems, and your goals. From that, hopefully, I’ll be able to offer advice, all for no charge. (Old-school, remember?)

But that’s not all!

Once you sign up, you won’t leave empty-handed. I’ll immediately send you a free report I’ve carefully written, “The 10-Point Digital Marketing Plan” in the mail. In this report, you can learn some of my methods and tactics. Hopefully, you’ll be able to apply it to your marketing plan yourself if you’d like.

Most of all, this report will help you understand digital marketing strategies that produce results and help you get ahead.

E-mail Me At Any Time

  • Have a question about anything related to using online marketing for your Urgent Care facility?
  • Maybe a question about your website's SEO and how it measured up to your competition?
  • Or what kind of keywords you should probably be targeting?
  • Or even what kind of targeting you should be using for Facebook Ads?
  • Or anything else?

I'd be delighted to answer your questions for you.

Andrew Scherer