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Yes, I have crafted my businesses unique selling proposition. I'm currently using it across our website and all of our marketing materials.
No, we haven't crafted our USP yet and we don't use it liberally in our marketing.
Yes, our website is converting visitors to leads via opt-in forms and inbound calls. It displays plenty of great 'social proof' in the form of positive reviews and testimonials (ideally video testimonials).
No, our website isn't quite optimized for conversion as much as it really should be.
Yes, our website is optimized for mobile traffic according to Google's Mobile-Friendly Test tool.
No, our website still needs to be optimized for mobile traffic.
Yes, we're actively tracking important KPIs for our overall sales process. Our website gets ____ visitors monthly. Of those visitors, we generate ____ leads. From those leads, we generate ____ transactions.
No, we don't currently track all of this.
Yes, we're working to improve our websites search engine rankings for important keywords on a monthly basis and are working to beat the big directories, funneling the leads directly to ourselves instead of them.
No, we don't currently have an ongoing SEO campaign running.
Yes, we've diversified our lead generation and traffic by advertising online with Facebook, Adwords, etc.. and we're generating a positive ROI from at least 1 paid channel.
No, we don't currently invest in any form on paid marketing channels.
Yes, we're actively building our e-mail database with interested prospects. With the e-mails we're collecting, we're sending automated marketing campaigns to keep in touch with those prospects over a period of at least 2-6 months. This helps convert our leads on autopilot, especially ones that have a longer sales cycle.
No, we're not currently building our database of prospects.
Yes, we're building our customer database and keep in touch with it regularly via e-mail or direct mail. This helps our retention and we generate referrals and testimonials from it as well.
No, we're not currently building our database of clients/customers.
Yes, we stay engaged with our fanbase on social media sites like Facebook at least once or twice a day.
No, we're not as active on social media as I'd like to be.
Yes, we are actively tracking all of the places we get customer reviews on and we're also taking steps to generate more positive reviews for the community online.
No, we don't currently do this.