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You Don't Need Hospice Marketing!

The title of this article may come across to you as somewhat silly and a bit confusing.

However, let me explain.

It’s not that you need hospice marketing or marketing ideas. What you need is to generate quality leads, lead generation! Good marketing is just the vehicle that gets you there.


There’s one singular goal to judge all marketing by and that is: Does your marketing bring you leads?

Would it surprise you if I were to tell you that many attempts at marketing just do not generate leads? It’s termed as “brand advertising.”

And, frankly, unless you have very deep pockets for your advertising budget, something akin to the kind of deep pockets that Walmart, Budweiser, or Amazon have, the fact is that brand advertising is not going to do much regarding pushing your business forward.

It’s true to say that marketing methods and tactics do not perform equally. Furthermore, it is a mistake to only take an approach to marketing in a more general sense. You need to make your goals very specified.

As an example, let’s think about TV and radio, both of which are common choices when it comes to investing a marketing budget. There’s little doubt that both forms of media are costly forms of marketing, but are they going to justify the costs when it comes to the number of leads you’re able to get in return?

A couple of years ago, I spoke with a B&B owner. The owner had invested $18,000 on radio ads alone. And the number of customers she gained from that? Zero. Zilch. Not one!

Personally, I’m more inclined to lean towards a digital approach when it comes to generating leads for a business like physical therapy.

When it’s done correctly, there’s no argument that it will have a tremendous positive impact concerning ROI.

Digital marketing is not only particularly budget-friendly, but it's also very agile. And it’s for these reasons that I much prefer to rely on it to generate those all-important leads, to make sales, and also achieve goals for revenue.

Take Some Time to Test Your Marketing

Unsure where you should start?

Take this test to find out if your marketing bases are well covered or otherwise.

The test takes just 60 seconds or so, and you’ll gain decent insight into a game plan of where your focus should be and what it is that you’re already doing successfully.

Once you’ve taken the test, you can then more easily figure out where your weaknesses are.

What does the test cover? Here are a few of the topics.

The Digital Marketing Mix: SEM, SEO, CRO, and Others


While search engine marketing is a somewhat similar concept to SEO, typically, the term SEM refers to paid marketing.

The most common of these is the Google AdWords platform, Yahoo and Bing are also available and reach a different demographic.

This does, however, come at a cost. Clicks on Google AdWords, for example, at least in terms of brand keywords, have increased in cost somewhere around the 20-25 percent mark, and that’s just over the previous year alone.
Google realizes that brands will “happily” pay more for their own brand-name keywords on AdWords, thus, Google has increased the price tag accordingly.

This AdWords cost per click upward trend may only witness a decline when social network ads like those on Facebook begin to bring an increasing amount of advertisers over to their network.
You, ultimately, must decide what the worth of a lead is to you; you have to figure out just how many clicks it will take prior to seeing a visitor becoming a paying customer; you must also determine if you are actually willing to pay the AdWords pricing per click that is being charged. It may or may not be worth it – a simplistic equation and some basic math will be the determining factor.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you do buy leads/ customers, there’s a very good chance that those leads/ customers have been generated through SEO. And that’s one reason why I always make the suggestion that companies place a strong preference on their SEO practices. Nevertheless, there’s a problem with that.

It can prove to be a minefield in terms of finding an individual or a company that delivers good or even great SEO results. There are plenty individuals and companies that do a good job of selling SEO as their professional ability, but when it comes down to producing solid results over the longer term, there’s a regularity of failure.

Another option is to learn SEO yourself, after all, there’s plenty of good material online whereby you can at the very least scratch the surface of how it’s done. Notwithstanding, the thing that separates the best SEOs from the chasing pack is years of testing, tracking, and carrying out SEO in a whole gamut of different industries.

If you’d like to gain some insight into my own SEO and digital marketing experience, by all means click over to my homepage at http://www.baldyne.com

Social Ads

Facebook’s advertising platform remains relatively inexpensive in comparison to Google’s AdWords, though the costs do continually rise.

The ability to target when using Facebook ads is excellent, and you can be very specific. Interest-based targeting makes it relatively easy to target your larger competitors, should you have some larger competitors in your niche.

For easy Facebook ad creation as well as split testing, I prefer to use Adespresso. With Adespresso, you are able to generate numerous different versions of your ad, and it takes a matter of minutes to do so. After just a couple of days, you can have a very good idea as to which ad is going to perform the best.

If you do plan to invest a lot of time and effort into generating leads via SEO, it’s a wise idea to additionally test out some ads on Facebook, too. Having a stream of leads that is steady and that comes from an alternative channel than SEO is a sensible way to proceed, given that SEO can be something of a fickle beast. Fact is, the more channels you have working for you in bringing in added leads for your business, over the long run, it will prove to be the healthier and the more lucrative option.


CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is an art whereby you gain more leads and customers that arise from your current traffic sources.

It involves making some alterations to your website, as well as your offer, and also your landing pages, and assessing how you can make improvements to the conversion rates of your traffic into leads/ customers.

There is some math and also some data science that’s involved in this process, but it can be quite good fun. And if you use tools such as Optimizely, the whole process is made far easier, though you do have to keep testing if you’re intent on long-term improvement.
If you make a slight alteration to your headline or the place where you position your opt-in box/business phone number, that alone can prove to be a real game changer. If you have a general idea as to what elements will likely have the largest impact upon conversion rates, and that’s part of the learning process, then this should become the priority in your testing.

Does It Make Sense to Research the Marketing of Your Competitors to Get Some Ideas?

It certainly does!

Find out what it is they advertise, what it is they are targeting, how it is that they reach their prospects, and what it is that they say when they do reach these prospects, etcetera.

You’ll be able to avail of plenty of ideas and information simply by taking a look at a larger competitor and seeing what it is that they do.

There is, however, one caveat.

A well-known and highly respected copywriter and direct response marketer, Dan Kennedy, said: "See what your competition is doing, and do the exact opposite."

And, frankly, this is something that I have taken on board with regards to my businesses. There are times when marketing methods or channels become saturated, and therefore, ROI takes a tumble. I mean, if a pond were to be overfished, you would want to locate a different pond in which to drop your fishing line. Being the first on the scene can certainly count for a whole lot.

Avoid the Marketing Scammers

I’ll be straight to the point here.

The industry of marketing is vast, and within that industry, there’s a whole load of snake oil salespeople.

There are a ton of places where you could test out your advertising budget and yet see little or even no return.

The fact is that the majority of my clients have been churned and burned in the past, and they have many stories to be told about the experience. And that’s just one reason why I have never had anyone choose to cancel on me in the previous two years that I’ve been taking on new clients – they – my clients - are all aware of what it’s like when they work with bad agencies, so they avoid letting a good agency go after they find it.

The optimal way you can go about finding solid marketing help is by way of the 3 R’s:

  1. Referrals.
  2. Reviews.
  3. References.

Personally, I’ve found that a good referral proves to be a fine way to find professional help. It’s worked out well for me whenever I’ve needed a mechanic, a real estate agent, or an accountant.

You should ask around in your locality or go to your local Chamber of Commerce. There’s an excellent chance if you do so, you’ll be successful in finding someone who can help you out. It may not be someone who has the experience in specifically marketing physical therapy businesses, but they will have general experience in digital marketing all the same.

This industry is still in its relative infancy, but locating a good specialist these days is not nearly as elusive as it once was, even just a few years ago.

Read the client/customer reviews – all good business have them. Sure, it might be difficult to find reviews for those companies that are not involved in carrying out lots of transactions. But a Google or Yelp listed business that has plenty of 5-star reviews regularly provides for a reliable indicator that they would make a good choice.

Another good policy is to follow up on references. Don’t simply get the references – give them a call and have a meaningful conversation with regards to the results they experienced.

Does Your Hospice Facility Need Help with Digital Marketing?

If you’re searching for some input regarding the marketing for your physical therapy business, it’s very possible that I will be in a position to provide that help directly.

Nevertheless, I will be honest with you here:

  • I’ve never won any particular recognition or any awards.
  • I do not represent a colossal ad or marketing agency.
  • Due to time constraints, I am somewhat picky about whom I take on as a client (more about that in a moment).

Now that I’ve said this, I will tell you that I have experience of:

  • Helping business to grow their revenues year-over-year by 20 percent and more.
  • Doubling up on clients’ website traffic and on leads within a time period of only six months.
  • Taking a localized business from zero leads per day to 10-15 real leads per day in a little less than a year.

I don’t tell you this to be boastful, nor to come across as arrogant. I merely wish to establish my credibility with you. The reality is that I am someone that you can place your trust in to deliver the sort of results that you want. If I don’t believe I’m able to help, I will be honest with you and tell you that I am unable to help.

Currently, my situation looks like this: I help eight businesses with their marketing already, mostly in California and some out of state.

I rely on the old-school method of the gentleman’s handshake, and I have a preference for working with companies that I can meet up in person with month-to-month. That makes good collaboration easier to achieve, and I find that meetings that are face-to-face tend to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

All the same, if you are not located in Northern California, do feel at liberty to get in touch with me anyway, even if you only wish to ask a couple of questions. I’m here to help.

Now for the Good News - and the Bad

I’ll spell out the bad news first. I work alone – a one-man band, and therefore, my time is limited, and I’m unable to take on lots of new clients. I currently have a handful of clients, and I’m kept pretty busy with them, and that’s one reason why I’ve established a waiting list.

Now it’s time for the good news.

You May Not Need My Help

I’ve set up a quiz, something that will take no more than about 60 seconds to complete, to find out if I’m in a position to help you – help your business. There’s a mere ten questions, all of which require simple Yes/No answers.

At the survey’s conclusion, dependent upon the results, you’ll receive a form to fill out so you can join the waiting list.

This waiting list is not so you can become one of my clients. Instead, you should see it more as a waiting list so that we can schedule a meeting for discovery. I’d very much like to meet up with you initially, discuss your business, discuss your goals, talk about the problems you are facing. Hopefully, I can provide you plenty of value and advice during this time, and there’s no charge for it either.

Once you do sign up, I will not keep you waiting around. Instead, and with immediate effect, I will post out a free report to you, a report that I’ve crafted with due care: "The 10-Point Digital Marketing Plan".

Using this report, you will gain some insights into the tactics and methodology that I rely on. You can, if you are so inclined, use these tactics and methodologies yourself.

Most importantly, though, this report will help you to obtain a simplistic bird’s eye view on a thoroughly tested and thoroughly successful digital marketing plan.

You Can E-Mail Me at Any Time

  • Got a question that pertains to successfully marketing your physical therapy business online?
  • Perhaps you have a question about SEO and how your current SEO compares with regards your competitor’s SEO practices?
  • Maybe you’re unsure about the type of keywords you ought to be targeting?
  • Or possibly you have a few questions about using Facebook Ads?

If it's a question about something else entirely, I’m here to provide answers.

Andrew Scherer