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You Don't Need Creative Home Health Care Marketing Ideas

Marketing for a home healthcare business can be a tough process.

When you’re starting or thinking about increasing leads for your home health care company, you may be thinking about creative ideas, but there is one caveat.

Marketing that is creative for the sake of just being creative, and not improving your lead generation, isn't the best strategy.

You want marketing that will generate quality leads and referrals that will help initiate customer interest from the get go. Especially when you are just starting a business, you should judge your marketing on one basis: is your advertising or marketing bringing in leads? Is your work generating customer interest at its most infant stages? To be honest, creativity is last on my list when it comes to producing effective lead generation marketing.

There is a lot of marketing out there being sold to new businesses that flat out does not generate enough leads for a new business to thrive.

We have a quiz that helps determine whether or not your marketing is the best it can possibly be.

Take this quiz and get an idea of just how good you've got your marketing bases covered. This quiz will only take 60 seconds, and it will give you an idea of what you have and what you are missing when it comes to your in-house marketing.

Once you take the test, it will allow you to assess your main weaknesses and go from there. Throughout this post, you will see the main topics that the quiz will cover for you.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing

One channel of marketing that I like more than others is digital marketing. When you start a business, you need to centralize your market around one or two specific strategies. There are too many marketing strategies that won't actually help your current business. This forces you to keep it simple from the start. For example, radio and television ads are often some go-to places for agencies and companies to place their advertising. They are expensive and the price for running these type of ads is hardly justifiable. The leads you get in return are few and far between.

I spoke to a B&B owner a couple years back that had spent $18,000 on radio ads. How many customers did they receive from the radio ads? 0. It's 2017 and you have to realize there are new and more efficient ways to go about your marketing.

The Digital Marketing Mix: SEO, CRO, SEM and Other Acronyms


SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) helps get your name out to people who are searching for an individual product or service. If you are buying customers/leads of some sort, chances are they have been generated thanks to SEO.

SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results.

With all of the potential benefits of good SEO work, I always suggest companies make SEO one of the top priorities in their marketing scheme, but there lies the problem. It can be difficult finding a company or consultant that will be good at delivering results with SEO. There are more companies out there that sell SEO than those who produce quality work and results for their clients.

If you want to learn more about my experience with SEO and digital marketing, you can read more at my homepage http://www.baldyne.com.


SEM is very similar to SEO although it typically refers to paid advertising. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising. The most common forms of this can be seen in Google Adwords, but Bing/Yahoo ad platforms are still around and can help attain clicks and leads for your website.

However, all of this comes at a high cost. These recognized brands will pay more than for their own brand-name keyword. They are pushing to collect more for these types of ads.

This all being said, the upward trend may come to a halt going forward, especially as companies become more and more geared towards social media ads.

When it comes down to it, you will have to decide what type of lead is worth more to you. You have to figure out how many clicks it takes before a visitor of your website becomes a customer. You can do this by having top-notch content on your site, which will lead to more clicks, and use SEO to bring customers to your content. If you're willing to pay the price per click that Adwords charges. It might be worth it for you, or it may not be. It all comes down to a simple math problem.

Social Media Ads

As previously mentioned, these social ads are still relatively inexpensive compared to SEM tactics. However, the costs are rising. The targeting done by these Facebook ads is fantastic and compelling. By using these ads, you can get very accurate results as they target very specific groups of people. The interest based targeting also makes it easy for you to compete with larger companies with a greater outreach.

Personally, I like using Adepresso for easy Facebook ad creation and split-testing. You can throw up multiple versions of your ad in just a matter of minutes and at the end of a day or two, have a good idea of which ad is the best.

If you’re planning on putting in a lot of effort into your SEO lead generation, it’s a smart idea to also test out Facebook ads as well. Having a steady stream of leads from a channel that is different than SEO.

SEO can sometimes be a fickle beast. The more channels you can depend on to bring in leads for your business, the healthier it will be in the long-run.


CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is also known as the art of getting more leads and customers from the traffic you already receive. If you don’t have a large advertising budget, this may be the most efficient way to go. This involves making changes to your website, offers and landing pages to see how they improve your conversation rate of traffic to lead/customer.

There is a little math and data science necessary to get this ball rolling, but once you do, you’ll begin generating more customers while not spending more on advertising that will only bring in clicks and not the leads you are looking for. Some examples of this include changing your headline or where your phone number/opt-in box is displayed can be big game changers. Part of getting good is having a general idea of what elements will have the most effect on conversion, and should take priority in testing.

Use Your Strongest Competitors to Generate Home Health Care Marketing Ideas

You should always study your competition when you are in the advertising stage of starting a new business. You should look at what, how and who your competitors target and what they say once they reach their target customer base. You can gather a significant amount of information and ideas by just looking at your competitors.

Once you look over the tendencies of your competitors, you can find ways to counter them and also how to do them better than your competitors. Dan Kennedy, a well-known direct response marketer, and copywriter said it best "See what your competition is doing, and do the exact opposite."

This is something I've taken to heart with my businesses.

Sometimes channels or marketing methods become saturated, ROI goes down. If a pond becomes overfished, find another pool to drop your line in. Being the first one there can count for a lot.

How to Dodge Marketing Amateurs

The marketing industry is as big as any industry out there. There’s a lot of snakes in the grass, so to speak, who are looking to take advantage of a new industry. There a lot of places where you can find yourself being swindled by someone in the advertising industry.

The best way to find quality marketing help is with the three R’s:

  1. Referrals
  2. Reviews
  3. References.

Referrals: As a new business, you may not have the right connections just yet to make the proper decisions with your SEO consultants. However, through networking, you can develop plenty of contacts. You can always view many referrals online. Most companies have reviews on Google, and you can also find reviews of businesses through the news. Ask people around your business circle to see if anyone can recommend a good marketing agency or consultant.

Reviews: If you don’t see any referrals, searching for the aforementioned reviews online would be a good start. Google and Yelp Reviews are always a good way to start. Once you see reviews online, it may be a good idea to contact the people who posted those reviews to make sure those people are posting credible reviews and not just out to get a company that didn’t do a good job for them once, so to speak.

References: Every good business has references. Normally you’ll be able to find references online, but you should always maintain contact with local businesses to get the right recommendations when you are seeking a marketing agency.

As a small business, it would be a good idea for small and local businesses to stick together. Following up on references is also a big one. Don't just get them, call them up and have a conversation about their results! Hopefully, they have a lot of good things to say.

Does Your Home Health Care Business Need Help with Digital Marketing?

If you're looking for digital marketing help with your home healthcare business, I might be able to help you directly. While I have extensive marketing experience, I’m not here to toot my own horn. I don’t have any special awards or recognition. I am a one-man ad agency, but the clients that I choose will get the attention they deserve. I do not take more clients than I can handle, and I never miss a deadline.

However, with all those things out of the way, I can tell you that I have:

  • Helped businesses grow their revenues by 20%+ year-over-year.
  • Doubled website traffic and leads over a 6 month period of time.
  • Taken a local business from 0 leads a day to 10-15 per day in just under a year.

I'm telling you this NOT to be brash; NOT to seem arrogant. Merely to establish my credibility. I'm someone who you can trust to deliver results (and if I don't think I can help you, I will tell you that too).

My situation as it is now: I currently help 8 different businesses, most in Northern California and some out of state.

I'm an old-school handshake kind of guy, I like working with businesses I can meet up with every month. It makes collaboration easy, and I find face-to-face meetings ensure we're all on the same page. However, if you're not in Northern California feel free to contact me anyway even if it's just for a question or to say Hi. I am happy to help.

To find out if I can help you and your business, I've put together a 60-second quiz with just 10 simple questions.

At the end of the quiz, depending on the results, you'll get a form so you can sign up for the waitlist. I believe this test to be informative and efficient, please check it out.

Have a Question You Need Help With?

  • Have a question about anything related to marketing your senior living business online?
  • Maybe a question about your website's SEO and how it compares to your competition?
  • Or what kind of keywords you should probably be targeting?
  • Or even what kind of targeting you should be using for Facebook Ads? Or anything else, I'd be more than happy to answer your questions for you.

Andrew Scherer